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You and your team will have to work together against the clock to crack codes and solve problems. Camaraderie and a clear head will be vital in order to escape. Whether you’re looking for a corporate team building exercise, hen or stag do ideas, or just a fun game for you and your friends, our escape rooms will not disappoint.


City Mazes is a UK based, world leading escape game company. Working with companies such as 20th Century Fox and O2 Priority we have our a-maze-ing branches in Bristol, Cardiff and Oxford. Our creative designers have worked hard to create a pressurised yet ultimately thrilling experience for all, cleverly designing intricate and complex puzzles designed to get your heart rate pulsing and your brain cells buzzing.


Now, a common question asked is ’So what exactly is an escape game?, and the answer is this: You are locked in a game complex, the clock is set to an hour, and you must work together in a team to solve puzzles and search for clues around the complex to ultimately work out a door code and escape within an hour.

At City Mazes, we are leading in next generation escape games, but what is a next generation escape game? This means that anything that you do in the room could affect an item, set off a sound or visual clue or open a lock somewhere else in the room! These actions can be a simple as touching an item or for example, in our New wizard themed game Professor’s Predicament, casting a spell on various items can lead players to many different results…as if by magic! These games allow the greatest level of immersion and excitement as players are not only trying to escape a room but they are involved in the story of the room and affect it by their actions.

Our abandoned warehouse themed centre in Bristol consists of ‘The Abandoned Office’ which involves more logical problem solving, the slightly harder ‘Hostage Hostel’, which involves being handcuffed in pairs whilst trying to solve such puzzles and our third complex called Bunker Blowout where you have to blow your way out of Bunker 9!Also included in Bristol are 2 less rustic rooms, Subject 11 themed on the netflix series, Stranger Things and The Runner (no running involved) themed on the Maze Runner film trilogy. Our Cardiff centre, which is based within Play at Pins of the first of its kind in the local area, also has four complexes – Subject 11, The Runner, Atomic Agency and Hostage Hostel II escape games! Our new event centre in Oxford has 5 games to choose from Professor's Predicament, Hostage Hostel II, Atomic Agency, Operation Spaced X and Star Breaker.

We welcome a wide range of people to come and try our games, from groups of friends, to stag and hen do’s through to corporate team building functions. The games are great fun for everyone, and as a team building exercise you couldn’t ask for more!


If you have any questions about any of our escape rooms please call us on 0117 911 9878 or contact us by using the booking form below