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What is Augmented and Virtual reality and how are they used in the game?


Cabin AT PR 1

While augmented reality and virtual reality might seem similar from the outside (as both require a headset with a screen inside) what the viewer will end up using and seeing with the two different types of technology is very different.


With  Augmented Reality  the viewer will seem to see the real world as if normal (the camera on the headset providing a live feed) but when certain triggers are picked up on by the camera (in the game these triggers will be puzzles and clues that you will have to find or solve) the player wearing the headset will see “reality” altered or augmented in some way to provide them with another clue or hint to solve the game.


The Virtual Reality system in the game works in a similar fashion to the Augmented Reality headset, in the sense that until the “trigger” is found the player wearing the headset will see the real world through the device’s camera. Once the trigger is found the headset will automatically begin the Virtual Reality experience, the player will no longer be able to see the real world and will be taken into a fully immersive 360 degree virtual world. The camera is no longer used to broadcast a live feed of the real world but is used to track the player’s head/the direction they are looking within the virtual world.

As with all of our games we try to make our games as immersive as possible which means using new technology inside our games that can improve the escape room experience. With a technology as new as AR & AR there are precautions that should be taken. We do not believe that these games is suitable for players under the age of 14 or any other group where players might not be comfortable using the Augmented or Virtual reality technology.


We hope that you guys really enjoy this addition to the immersive City Mazes escape games and I hope this article was able to answer any questions about Augmented & Virtual Reality that you might have had!


Elliott: Technical Officer at City Mazes.