Unique Christmas Present Ideas

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Holiday season is upon us! Whether this prospect excites or scares you, one thing is for certain: you will have a lot of free time that needs filling up and gifts that need buying! So we’ve come up with some suggestions that might help you find those gifts and enhance your holiday!

Of course the first thing that many people think of when the holiday season rolls around is spending time with your family & those close to you. From my own personal experience this usually means days out in the city with your family and friends, visiting Christmas markets in various cities, trying to stay warm, hunting for some unique presents, all while experiencing what that city has to offer!

But why stop there? What could be better than ending a day of holiday shopping than experiencing something completely different by playing an escape game? You’ll get your brains working (and warming up!) and then you must work together to escape – what says holiday spirit more than teamwork?

We have branches in London (Islington), Oxford, Cardiff & Bristol, so wherever you are you can escape to another world and have a truly unique holiday memory! At all of our branches there are games that are family friendly, so children can play too. Plus if you’re struggling for present ideas, you can always pick up a gift card for anyone you know who would enjoy the experience as well!

But what if you’re already an avid escape room fan? Why not get your family, friends or even colleagues involved by organising an escape room event, where you can challenge other teams of your peers to see who can escape in the quickest time or just to see if you can beat our challenging 5 star difficulty rooms…

So whether you want an exciting experience to end a day of shopping, a memorable family gathering or a teambuilding experience, why not make an escape room experience part of your holiday tradition?