Professors Predicament

Can you save the Wizarding World?

Can you save the wizarding world from the dark lord?

Sorting Hat

Lets be honest, it is every child … and adults dream to receive their letter from Hogwarts, we bet some of you are still waiting for it in the post! So what if we told you, you could actually spent 60 minutes experiencing what the wizarding world has to offer? If you complete the adventure and escape, you can become a wizarding hero for saving the wizarding world!

Professors 3


Our brand new, next generation game Professors Predicament allows all budding wizarding fanatics to truly put their knowledge to the test! 
Professor's 2


And what better place to escape than Oxford! Where some of the scenes for the movie were shot! Oh, and did we mention that you will get the chance to dress like a wizard too?

Professors Predicament

Don’t forget, this is your chance to finally say “Mischief Managed”!