About City Mazes

City Mazes is a UK based team, working with the aim of becoming a world leading escape game company. Having successfully built and sustained our Bristol, Cardiff, Oxford and London branches the plans are in place for further expansion in Dubai. Our creative designers have worked hard to create a pressurised yet ultimately thrilling experience for all, cleverly designing intricate and complex puzzles in a unnerving setting to get your heart rate pulsing and your brain cells buzzing.

We are a lively, enthusiastic team ready to take on the world of escape games and welcome you to join us on our journey!

What exactly is an escape game?

Now, a common question asked is ’So what exactly is an escape game?’, and the answer is this: You are locked in a game complex, the clock is set to an hour, and you must work together in a team to solve puzzles and search for clues around the complex to ultimately work out a door code and escape within an hour.

Our abandoned warehouse themed centre in Bristol consists of ‘The Abandoned Office’ which involves more logical problem solving, the slightly harder ‘Hostage Hostel’, which involves being handcuffed in pairs whilst trying to solve such puzzles and our third brand new complex called ‘Bunker Blowout where you have to blow your way out of Bunker 9! Our huge Cardiff centre, which is of the first of its kind in the local area, also has four massive complexes – ‘Fall In’ & ‘Ice breaker’ and also  ‘Bamboozled’ and the brand new ‘Pirates of the Bay’ which are both next generation escape games! Our new event centre in Oxford is now open with four amazing and giant game complexes. London now open with two next generation games – Bamboozled and Lost Cabin. The Lost Cabin game even features Virtual and Augmented reality!
We welcome a wide range of people to come and try our games, from groups of friends, to stag and hen do’s through to corporate team building functions. The games are great fun for everyone, and as a team building exercise you couldn’t ask for more!

picture of people at the city maze